Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roberts Is a Traitor!

Really? Chief Justice; you just destroyed freedom in America. This happened for one reason...legacy. His court...all the historians are lying liberals. America lost today. Sometime in the distant future, today will be remembered as the begininng of the end. I realize that anti-American forces have won. This must be very much how Chrisrians fealt when the high court legalized murder in Roe. vs. Wade. Lord and Savior; have mercy on them for they know not what they do.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Right Time!

In 2008 most of America; well at least fifty one percent; believed Oprah when she told us that Barrack Obama was a different kind of politician. It just wasn't true. I don't need to go back through the lies and broken promises or the radical far left socialist agenda our beloved President has pursued the first half of his first term. Everybody understands the massive debt pile-up and the job killing private sector take overs by our elite elected ruling class. Amazingly, even after the historical beat down handed out by the American people to the socialist democrat party; our leaders have learned naught. The American people want their neighbors and friends to go back to work. The American people want free-loaders and winers to take care of themselves. We, as a collective conscience simply want Mom and Dad to lead the household. We want government to worry about those obligations concisely outlined in the Constitution. Common sense...the parents; the ones procreating; meet and exceed their responsibilities. Let us be honest; our government has been quietly growing and expanding for many a decade. It is not the fault of either political is the fault of the drunk and distracted American population. For goodness sakes; more Americans line up for the next new tech toy than line up to vote for any local or national election.

Generations of abdicating our personal responsibilities; we want government to raise our children. We even want government to kill our children when caring for what we created is just to big a hassle. 2011; right now; is the right time. It is the right time for us to look in the mirror and man-up. Hard choices and painful amputations of out of control evil government. Our existing political parties and weak leadership has let us down and left us to the terrible tyranny of egotistical want-to-be-Kings.

The answer, the only answer, is the people...the American people. Listen to your heart and your soul; don't believe the progressive media when they label your friends and family as racist and haters. The Constitution of the United States protects all Americans regardless of race, creed, sex or socio-economic situation. All our founds wanted and needed was for us all to be do our part. Wake up my is the right time to change the future and save freedom, family and the greatest nation on the planet.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In America, you can't wear a shirt with the stars and stripes on it!

Only in Obama's America.
This is what the left wants; no pride in country, No America!

Solving immigration is easy as pie!

Secure the Borders and enforce the Federal laws already on the books. If the truth could be told by the old media, everyone would know that the Arizonian law reiterates existing federal immigrations laws almost verbatim. Of course the left or the Republicans can’t tell the truth. The country and by extension, the world would know and finally understand why national security takes a back seat to voting blocks and continuous power. Even the most poorly educated Americans, yes even liberals, can read and compare the new Arizona law and old existing federal immigration law. How can there be debate; at least concerning the fairness and legitimacy of Arizona exercising constitutionally guaranteed states rights, especially with the state covering themselves by coping federal law as well as existing law concerning legal arrest and policing procedures? The answer to that question is as easy to answer as how to solve illegal immigration. The evil, disregard for truth, freedom, life and Americanism. Liberals just don’t care about what or who the lies hurt, only the implementation of and the promotion of the progressive ideology. Anti-America, freedom, faith, independence and truth…it is very simple; common sense.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Real Hate and Violence in America!

Hundreds, thousands of Tea Party protest millions of people and no violence, no threat of violence, no talk of violence except from the left wing radical MSM. And yet, on the day a state government exercises its Constitutional right to protect its law abiding citizens, open border far left protesters riot. They throw bottles at police and a lone citizen there in support of his patriotic government. Seventy percent of all the citizens of this state support this re-law. This state government and its law abiding citizens have to be brave now; they are being prosecuted by the very President of this great country. After all of this, the MSM will not report the violence. The MSM will not tell you about the hateful symbols painted on government building windows in feces. The violence will continue to grow; the hate peddlers of race division will certainly turn up in Arizona very soon. Maybe Reverend Al and his posse can do some good and keep the radical hate America armies that travel with him under a little control. Racism from our President; suppose to lead us all and yet he calls for young people, black Americans, Latinos and women to support his efforts to “change” America. What if GWB would have made such an appeal? Racism to divide and conquer. You will see the real violence of hate in the far left protest to come but you will have to look hard for the info…the media bias is showing.
P.S. Not to mention the massive violence being exhibited daily in the Democrat controlled utopia of corrupt Chicago; The machine that created our supreme leader. Go figure!